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Fasting Tips For Pregnant Women Follow well.

There is some research that proves if travel malang juanda body weight of a newborn is not affected by the condition of the mother running a fasting or not, there is also the assumed if the mother run fast will disturb the baby IQ. Indeed in several studies stating if a blood sample of pregnant women who fast and not fasting showed a change, but it is not harmful to the health of both. Because in our society still assumed, if the mother was still pregnant should not fast, because it will interfere with the health of the fetus.

To that end, for expectant mothers that conditions allow and want to do the fast. Here I will share Tips on Fasting For pregnant women:

Time Of Suhoor

For pregnant women, when the last meal should expand drinking plain water.
After the meal, you should drink a glass of milk special pregnant women, in order to reduce the occurrence of anemia for the mother.
We recommend that the mother does not consume too much sweet food when the next day, in order for Suhoor is not limp and easy hungry due to insulin shock.
Provide the fruit at the time of Suhoor, in order not to occur and prevent the potential CHAPTER hemorrhoids are common among pregnant women.
Avoid spicy foods, especially for mothers who are pregnant.
When Fasting
The fast running with intention and brought joy, can minimize the risk of stress for pregnant women.
It is recommended for the fasting person when the mother, don't get too tired. Multiply a break and don't do the things that are heavy.
We recommend that you immediately cancel the fast if pregnant women experiencing:

Vomiting more than three times
Experienced diarrhea followed by heartburn and sense of wound
Nosebleed happens due to a ruptured blood vessel. This indicates if the condition of the body is not stable
The agency feels limp, head dizzy, eyes berkunang-kunang. It is the harbinger of a feared Hypoglycemia occurs if the fetus will experience malnutrition.
Experience the sweat profusely, especially out cold sweat that much. This indicates if the body of the mother was in a physical condition that was not strong enough to fast.
Fasting For Pregnant Women

Breaking The Fasting For Pregnant Women

Not much different from General, breaking for the pregnant mom same with sweet to increase blood sugar levels, but should not be excessive.
For pregnant women are advised not to consume cold drinks.
After carrying out prayers maghrib, is recommended for the pregnant women to eat larger portions than usual.
Before going to bed, it is advisable for the pregnant women to consume a light meal and drinks warm so that the body can process the production of breast milk.

That's a bit of review on Fasting Tips For pregnant mothers who may be able to be a reference for you all. Happy running the fasting.

Set Up A Pattern Of Healthy Eating When It Underwent Fasting Follow well.

Even though you are undergoing fast, but kitchen set malang reserved the intake of nutrients to the body must be maintained properly. Nutrient intake and nutrition to the body, is very limited and the difference with the days usually i.e. a meal schedule for the fasting person is only at the time of Suhoor and Iftar as well. While, for the Division serves healthy eating when fasting is when Suhoor 40%, and at the time of breaking the fast 60%.

Calculation of the composition is 40% eating at the time of sahoor that divided back to 30% for a great meal and 10% for food intake as well as small white water as much as 3 cups. As for the composition of 60% when breaking the fast, the split also be appetizers after maghrib Athan (small meals just for fasting), after heavy meals and white water intake by as much as 5 glasses.

For more details, I will explain how to set up a pattern of healthy eating When Undergo Fasting. The following explanation is that you do not get confused:


At the time we did the feast Suhoor, we recommend that you fill the need of carbohydrates such as rice, bread, potatoes, or rice vermicelli. Do not forget also the intake of animal protein you can fill it with fish, chicken, eggs, and meat. Whereas to meet the vegetable protein intake can be filled with tofu or tempeh. To get enough energy through the routine tomorrow, can you add a side dish of food containing fat, but a reasonable course. Do not forget to present the milk and also white water. We recommend that you do not drink sweet tea or food that smells sweet at the time time of Suhoor. That is because the intake of food or drink which has a sweet taste, has a risk the next day would be easy hungry, the occurrence of hypoglycemia and can decrease blood sugar quickly. If the food that amis, has risks because of the stomach feels nauseous.


The time of breaking the fast You can consume foods that are sweet, it aims to replace the blood sugar levels are down due to fasting. Foods suitable for masis did not suppose, compote, fruit of the date palm, fruit cocktail, or sweet tea. But need dingat, limit the use of all types of sugar except sugar or sweet taste derived from the fruits. Because if excessive sugar levels are not good for health, and don't forget the white water consumption.

Full meal

After breaking the fast, eat foods containing carbs, protein, fatty substances substances agar body health can be maintained. Don't forget to eat vegetables and fruits, so that all the nutrients can be fulfilled properly.

Small meals

You can also consume small meals or snacks after implementing the tarawih prayers, to note is the snacks with the need to customize the body, such as milk, fruit or solid food. Avoid junk food consumption in excess because it can be harmful to the health of the body.

Most important is the intake of nutritious konsusmi and don't forget to always meet the white water intake each day. Hopefully with this article can keep your diet and still can do activities as usual although still fasting.

How To Treat Skin Naturally Follow well.

To get a smooth, white skin clean and healthy we must also know how to take care of the correct skin so that healthy skin stay awake. The skin is the most outer part of the body so that the skin must be completely cared for properly. It has a clean, white skin and smooth into a coveted anyone because the skin is very penagruh to have the appearance of a person. Moreover, the skin of the face, because each met with everyone sure is seen or cared for in advance is the face.

Dirty facial skin, dull and unhealthy is not very appealing to look at. Well in terms of skin care of the face to make it look more beautiful, clean white, now many many outstanding commercial facial beauty products with various shapes and brands. But you must be careful if you want to use the beauty care products because there are also products that use dangerous chemicals such as hydroquinone in new and mercuri.

To treat skin there are actually many ways to take care of the skin that is more secure. And the most ways is to use natural materials which are harmless and without any bad side effects to the health of the skin. And natural ingredients to treat skin stay beautiful and healthy lots available in the environment around us. Well in this perawatanalam a good opportunity will share information to you about how to take care of the skin is naturally that of course will be helpful to you in caring for your skin health and beauty.
Here's How To Treat Skin Naturally:

1. Caring for the skin with Avocado
Avocado is widely used as the main ingredient in whitening products because avocado contain lots of vitamin C and E are excellent once the skin to lighten, whiten and moisturize the skin so the skin look fresher. How to use avocado for skin care is to how to take the meat of the fruit of the avocado and then puree, then olaskan on the face evenly and let stand 15 minutes. Afterwards rinse with warm water and followed with cold water until clean. To do routine daily in this way so that your face looks more fresh, clean, white and youthful.

2. Care for the skin with Yam bean
The fruit of pachyrhizus erosus is already very well known benefits for whitening the skin because the fruit of pachyrhizus erosus contain lots of vitamin C, Vitamin B1, rotenon, a very good pachyrhizon to disguise the stain black diwajah while whiten face skin. It's no wonder the jicama was used as the main ingredient in many products bleach the skin. To benefit directly from the fruit of pachyrhizus erosus to whiten the skin, you can use the materials as bengkoang mask. The trick, take 1 piece of Yam bean then Peel and wash to clean after it shredded jicama and then extorted to be taken the water. Enter the water the juice jicama in the container and let stand approximately 30 minutes so that it settles. After that waste of water above and take the juice jicama starch for use as a maskeran. Do regularly in order for maximum results.

3. Care for the skin with egg white and honey
The egg whites very well to brighten and tighten facial skin. How to use egg whites to skin beauty care is to how to take the egg whites and then mixed with pure honey to taste and then mix well. After that apply evenly on your face and let sit 15 minutes then rinse with water until clean.

4. Care for the skin with Papaya Fruit
The fruit of the papaya enzyme papain contains an awful lot of very well to lift the skin cells to die at the same time regenerate skin cells. Treating skin using papaya is to grab the last papaya puree the flesh and then mix with coconut oil to taste and mix well. After that apply on face evenly and let sit for 15 minutes then rinse your face with water until clean. Well that's just now how to treat skin Naturally you can praktikkan yourself at home because of how to care for skin with natural ingredients last sangtlah easy. The penitng you must be diligent and do routine skin care of your face. In addition it is important to note in regards to skin care that is a pattern of life that is healthy, drink plenty of water every day, exercising diligently, facial cleanse tajin and avoid cigarette smoke, dust, pollution, avoid stress, avoid staying out and eat a lot of food-mengadung fat. Thus infromasi care of nature about how to treat skin Naturally may be useful for you.

6 How to maintain health in Ramadan Follow well.

6 How to maintain health in Ramadan
The month of Ramadan many anticipated by any Muslims that exist throughout the world. For those who are already reaching puberty are required for them to fast the month of Ramadan.

Certainly at the time of Ramadan, you need to keep your health in order to stay fit and in shape in doing worship and activities. To that end, here I will share a little Tip about maintaining health in Ramadan.

1. Start Planning Meals
We recommend that you always create a list of planning the food will be consumed. It is aimed so that later you're not confused in determining the menu meal and fast. Use the menu foods that are healthy and balanced his nutritional levels. Avoid to choose Junk Food Feast Suhoor menu or as fast because of the content contained in the food is Junk Food isn't good for your health.

2. reduce your intake of tea, coffee and Fizzy Drinks
To maintain good health in Ramadan, so that a fit body to run the worship and daily work. We suggest that you should reduce your consumption of caffeine. It is useful to minimize the onset pain sudden head that can strike when we are fasting. The solution, expand the drinking water either in load time or at the time of Suhoor.

3. Healthy eating habits
Next up is the way You should be able to maintain the habit of eating healthy foods. Don't forget to always insert fruit and vegetables on the menu or Open Your last meal.
Keep in mind, don't get up late when the time because normally last meal you will be in a hurry while devouring the food because of the time which is already a budget approaching imsak time. This could be bad for your health. It can cause abdominal pain or mules not karuan.
How to maintain health in Ramadan
How to maintain health in Ramadan
4. Consulting a doctor
If you have a complaint with health problems, you should immediately consult a doctor, how diet good for your health to be able to run fast with good and true. Doctor may have suggestions that are useful to you in live fast, so as not to interfere with your health.

5. Sleep Time
Usually at the time of Ramadan, many people are awake during nighttime by reason of the responsibility to do the sleep or rest. In fact, a good night's sleep is indispensable to be able to acquire the balance of your body in the conduct on tomorrow, the body can also have activity as normal and able to run well and fasting does not become an excuse for us lazy.

6. Exercise
How to maintain health in ramadan is the last that is by exercising. Because we exercise the body will be healthy and feels fresher, exercise is done need not be heavy, at least the streets the morning after you've finished doing the subuh prayer.

5 ways to Keep Tightening facial skin Follow well.

Having a toned faces is indeed very pleasant because it could make the face more fresh and younger. To keep the tightening of facial skin usually women prefer go kesalon or beauty clinics because it felt more practical and more effective. Besides tightening of facial skin can also be beauty products that are on the market. Unfortunately many women chose the wrong beauty products. With the dangle can tighten the skin of the face, many women are interested in using the wrong beauty cream. When you choose the cream so toned but instead face precisely even damaged.

To keep skin kekecangan your face, especially the way that is done is actually very simple, you do not have to come to the salon and spend a lot of money. You can skin tightening facial at home with ingredients that are simple and inexpensive. Compared to using a cream facial skin fasteners in cosmetic stores or come to the salon, taking care of beauty at home more safely and effectively.
How to Keep Tightening facial skin
5 ways to Keep Tightening facial skin
Here are some ways of keeping tightening of facial skin naturally at home:

Drinking water white

White water is very important to maintain the health of the body as well to maintain the skin's firmness was mainly facial skin. You can drink plain water at least 7 cups per day so that skin feels toned and healthy.


Sport is very important for the skin's firmness and the way this is also effective for maintaining health. Keep the facial skin tightening, you can work out as light as swimming jogging, gymnastics and other sports at least 2 times a week.

Enough sleep

In order for the facial skin to be more fresh and toned, you can sleep setap day at least 6 to 7 hours per day.

Fruit and vegetable consumption

Fresh fruits and vegetables is very good especially when consumed cooked not too ripe. Natural substances found in vegetables and fruit can tighten facial skin without side effects.

Avoid stress

Stress can make the face becomes tired and wrinkled easily, to make face remained taut, avoid stress by way of reproduce smile and not easily upset.

How To Treat Sore Eyes With Natural Ingredients Follow well.

The eye is a very important senses and sensitive so the information how to treat sore eyes using natural ingredients is very important to know. Eye health must always be maintained because, with our eyes could see the beauty of the world and also content to read and learn any science. Sore eyes would be very disruptive all activities a day today, even to see just feels very sick.

How To Treat Sore Eyes
How To Treat Sore Eyes With Natural Ingredients
Sore eyes usually happen on a malfunctioning of the eye occurs on the inside of the eye and also the physical eye. Sore eyes can strike anyone and with a variety of causes. Sore eyes can be caused by infections, allergies, lack of fluids of the eye and cause the eyes become dry and feels very sore eyes. In addition a rare wink and also too long sits in front of a computer or a monitor, for too long the focus looked toward an object can also make dry eye and feels poignant.

Besides eye pain can also be caused due to lack of rest, immune system decline and lack of nutritional intake. And sore eyes can this epidemic and contagious way frequent eye contact with people suffering from sore eyes. How to prevent and treat sore eyes also vary depending on the cause.

Following the steps and how to treat a sore Eye with ingredients of your sore eyes Alamiagar not pose a larger problem again.

1. Compress with warm water
Compresses an unused eye pain and poignant by using warm water will menguarangi the pain on the eyes and also the swelling that occurs in the eye.

2. Do not rub the eyes
If your eyes itch and pain do not rub your eyes for an eye because it would harm by rubbing the eyes then bacteria or germs will get into your eyes and will add to the pain and itching in the eyes so sore in the eye is getting worse.

3. Betel leaf
Betel leaves contain substances that are good to heal sore eyes. How to treat eye with betel leaf is to boil a few pieces of betel leaf and then water decoction of the betel leaves used for compresses an unused eye pain. And do that way on a regular basis until the eye back healed.

4. Consumption of Carrots
Consuming carrots good for eye health because carrots are rich in beta carotene content of beta carotene which it is converted in the body into vitamin a. vitamin A is badly needed by the body primarily to run the function.

It's the last information regarding how to treat sore eyes With natural ingredients to prevent and treat eye diseases so that your eyes are itchy pain not getting worse. Always keep your eye health by consuming food that is nutritious, always keeping the immune system and maintain the cleanliness of your eyes.

How To Treat Burns With Natural Materials Follow well.

Almost all people would have experienced such thing Burns well exposed APIs, hot oil, hot water or touched the stuff – stuff that is as hot as the exhaust and more. Well the result was exposed to heat, the skin becomes reddened, swollen, blisters, skin peeling and also appears on the clear liquid skin that is injured. Burns is a wound on the skin or meat due to exposed to heat, friction, electricity, radiation and also because it is exposed to the chemicals. Burns if silenced only and not immediately treated could mengakiabtkan irritation and infection also. To treat burns you're getting, you can use natural ingredients that are safe for your skin.

Well here it will share to you about how to treat burns by using natural ingredients. Check out fine the reviews here, because this is very important given the name kecelakan or accident can happen anytime and anywhere without we know before.

1. Aloe Vera
Aloe Vera is a great many benefits for skin as well as to treat burns. Aloe Vera flesh cold nutritious to quell the heat and pain in Burns. The trick, take the Aloe Vera leaf and then clear and then grab the flesh and paste it on the injured part.

2. Honey
Honey contains anti septic capable to heal burns. Do I simply by smearing honey on the injured part. Then Burns may soon heal.

3. Tea
Tea contains tannic acid which helps reduce pain and help care for Burns in order to heal faster. The tea can be used to treat mild burns with note no open wounds.

4. Banana peels
Perhaps for many who do not know that the skin of bananas turns out to be able to treat burns. How by attaching the banana peels on the affected part of the heat and let sit a few moments until the color of a banana skin stuck to the wound section changed its colour becomes blackish.

Well that's just now how to treat burns with natural materials which we could pass it along to all of you that may be useful to you and also your family especially the kids often play main and less with a heart so often have accidental or an accident. Especially when in a pinch your skin exposed hot and you won't find a cure Burns, you can use the above natural ways to relieve and treat burns you. Thank you for visiting and reading this blog. May Be Useful.