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5 ways to Keep Tightening facial skin Follow well.

Having a toned faces is indeed very pleasant because it could make the face more fresh and younger. To keep the tightening of facial skin usually women prefer go kesalon or beauty clinics because it felt more practical and more effective. Besides tightening of facial skin can also be beauty products that are on the market. Unfortunately many women chose the wrong beauty products. With the dangle can tighten the skin of the face, many women are interested in using the wrong beauty cream. When you choose the cream so toned but instead face precisely even damaged.

To keep skin kekecangan your face, especially the way that is done is actually very simple, you do not have to come to the salon and spend a lot of money. You can skin tightening facial at home with ingredients that are simple and inexpensive. Compared to using a cream facial skin fasteners in cosmetic stores or come to the salon, taking care of beauty at home more safely and effectively.
How to Keep Tightening facial skin
5 ways to Keep Tightening facial skin
Here are some ways of keeping tightening of facial skin naturally at home:

Drinking water white

White water is very important to maintain the health of the body as well to maintain the skin's firmness was mainly facial skin. You can drink plain water at least 7 cups per day so that skin feels toned and healthy.


Sport is very important for the skin's firmness and the way this is also effective for maintaining health. Keep the facial skin tightening, you can work out as light as swimming jogging, gymnastics and other sports at least 2 times a week.

Enough sleep

In order for the facial skin to be more fresh and toned, you can sleep setap day at least 6 to 7 hours per day.

Fruit and vegetable consumption

Fresh fruits and vegetables is very good especially when consumed cooked not too ripe. Natural substances found in vegetables and fruit can tighten facial skin without side effects.

Avoid stress

Stress can make the face becomes tired and wrinkled easily, to make face remained taut, avoid stress by way of reproduce smile and not easily upset.

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