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6 How to maintain health in Ramadan Follow well.

6 How to maintain health in Ramadan
The month of Ramadan many anticipated by any Muslims that exist throughout the world. For those who are already reaching puberty are required for them to fast the month of Ramadan.

Certainly at the time of Ramadan, you need to keep your health in order to stay fit and in shape in doing worship and activities. To that end, here I will share a little Tip about maintaining health in Ramadan.

1. Start Planning Meals
We recommend that you always create a list of planning the food will be consumed. It is aimed so that later you're not confused in determining the menu meal and fast. Use the menu foods that are healthy and balanced his nutritional levels. Avoid to choose Junk Food Feast Suhoor menu or as fast because of the content contained in the food is Junk Food isn't good for your health.

2. reduce your intake of tea, coffee and Fizzy Drinks
To maintain good health in Ramadan, so that a fit body to run the worship and daily work. We suggest that you should reduce your consumption of caffeine. It is useful to minimize the onset pain sudden head that can strike when we are fasting. The solution, expand the drinking water either in load time or at the time of Suhoor.

3. Healthy eating habits
Next up is the way You should be able to maintain the habit of eating healthy foods. Don't forget to always insert fruit and vegetables on the menu or Open Your last meal.
Keep in mind, don't get up late when the time because normally last meal you will be in a hurry while devouring the food because of the time which is already a budget approaching imsak time. This could be bad for your health. It can cause abdominal pain or mules not karuan.
How to maintain health in Ramadan
How to maintain health in Ramadan
4. Consulting a doctor
If you have a complaint with health problems, you should immediately consult a doctor, how diet good for your health to be able to run fast with good and true. Doctor may have suggestions that are useful to you in live fast, so as not to interfere with your health.

5. Sleep Time
Usually at the time of Ramadan, many people are awake during nighttime by reason of the responsibility to do the sleep or rest. In fact, a good night's sleep is indispensable to be able to acquire the balance of your body in the conduct on tomorrow, the body can also have activity as normal and able to run well and fasting does not become an excuse for us lazy.

6. Exercise
How to maintain health in ramadan is the last that is by exercising. Because we exercise the body will be healthy and feels fresher, exercise is done need not be heavy, at least the streets the morning after you've finished doing the subuh prayer.

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