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Fasting Tips For Pregnant Women Follow well.

There is some research that proves if travel malang juanda body weight of a newborn is not affected by the condition of the mother running a fasting or not, there is also the assumed if the mother run fast will disturb the baby IQ. Indeed in several studies stating if a blood sample of pregnant women who fast and not fasting showed a change, but it is not harmful to the health of both. Because in our society still assumed, if the mother was still pregnant should not fast, because it will interfere with the health of the fetus.

To that end, for expectant mothers that conditions allow and want to do the fast. Here I will share Tips on Fasting For pregnant women:

Time Of Suhoor

For pregnant women, when the last meal should expand drinking plain water.
After the meal, you should drink a glass of milk special pregnant women, in order to reduce the occurrence of anemia for the mother.
We recommend that the mother does not consume too much sweet food when the next day, in order for Suhoor is not limp and easy hungry due to insulin shock.
Provide the fruit at the time of Suhoor, in order not to occur and prevent the potential CHAPTER hemorrhoids are common among pregnant women.
Avoid spicy foods, especially for mothers who are pregnant.
When Fasting
The fast running with intention and brought joy, can minimize the risk of stress for pregnant women.
It is recommended for the fasting person when the mother, don't get too tired. Multiply a break and don't do the things that are heavy.
We recommend that you immediately cancel the fast if pregnant women experiencing:

Vomiting more than three times
Experienced diarrhea followed by heartburn and sense of wound
Nosebleed happens due to a ruptured blood vessel. This indicates if the condition of the body is not stable
The agency feels limp, head dizzy, eyes berkunang-kunang. It is the harbinger of a feared Hypoglycemia occurs if the fetus will experience malnutrition.
Experience the sweat profusely, especially out cold sweat that much. This indicates if the body of the mother was in a physical condition that was not strong enough to fast.
Fasting For Pregnant Women

Breaking The Fasting For Pregnant Women

Not much different from General, breaking for the pregnant mom same with sweet to increase blood sugar levels, but should not be excessive.
For pregnant women are advised not to consume cold drinks.
After carrying out prayers maghrib, is recommended for the pregnant women to eat larger portions than usual.
Before going to bed, it is advisable for the pregnant women to consume a light meal and drinks warm so that the body can process the production of breast milk.

That's a bit of review on Fasting Tips For pregnant mothers who may be able to be a reference for you all. Happy running the fasting.

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