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How To Treat Skin Naturally Follow well.

To get a smooth, white skin clean and healthy we must also know how to take care of the correct skin so that healthy skin stay awake. The skin is the most outer part of the body so that the skin must be completely cared for properly. It has a clean, white skin and smooth into a coveted anyone because the skin is very penagruh to have the appearance of a person. Moreover, the skin of the face, because each met with everyone sure is seen or cared for in advance is the face.

Dirty facial skin, dull and unhealthy is not very appealing to look at. Well in terms of skin care of the face to make it look more beautiful, clean white, now many many outstanding commercial facial beauty products with various shapes and brands. But you must be careful if you want to use the beauty care products because there are also products that use dangerous chemicals such as hydroquinone in new and mercuri.

To treat skin there are actually many ways to take care of the skin that is more secure. And the most ways is to use natural materials which are harmless and without any bad side effects to the health of the skin. And natural ingredients to treat skin stay beautiful and healthy lots available in the environment around us. Well in this perawatanalam a good opportunity will share information to you about how to take care of the skin is naturally that of course will be helpful to you in caring for your skin health and beauty.
Here's How To Treat Skin Naturally:

1. Caring for the skin with Avocado
Avocado is widely used as the main ingredient in whitening products because avocado contain lots of vitamin C and E are excellent once the skin to lighten, whiten and moisturize the skin so the skin look fresher. How to use avocado for skin care is to how to take the meat of the fruit of the avocado and then puree, then olaskan on the face evenly and let stand 15 minutes. Afterwards rinse with warm water and followed with cold water until clean. To do routine daily in this way so that your face looks more fresh, clean, white and youthful.

2. Care for the skin with Yam bean
The fruit of pachyrhizus erosus is already very well known benefits for whitening the skin because the fruit of pachyrhizus erosus contain lots of vitamin C, Vitamin B1, rotenon, a very good pachyrhizon to disguise the stain black diwajah while whiten face skin. It's no wonder the jicama was used as the main ingredient in many products bleach the skin. To benefit directly from the fruit of pachyrhizus erosus to whiten the skin, you can use the materials as bengkoang mask. The trick, take 1 piece of Yam bean then Peel and wash to clean after it shredded jicama and then extorted to be taken the water. Enter the water the juice jicama in the container and let stand approximately 30 minutes so that it settles. After that waste of water above and take the juice jicama starch for use as a maskeran. Do regularly in order for maximum results.

3. Care for the skin with egg white and honey
The egg whites very well to brighten and tighten facial skin. How to use egg whites to skin beauty care is to how to take the egg whites and then mixed with pure honey to taste and then mix well. After that apply evenly on your face and let sit 15 minutes then rinse with water until clean.

4. Care for the skin with Papaya Fruit
The fruit of the papaya enzyme papain contains an awful lot of very well to lift the skin cells to die at the same time regenerate skin cells. Treating skin using papaya is to grab the last papaya puree the flesh and then mix with coconut oil to taste and mix well. After that apply on face evenly and let sit for 15 minutes then rinse your face with water until clean. Well that's just now how to treat skin Naturally you can praktikkan yourself at home because of how to care for skin with natural ingredients last sangtlah easy. The penitng you must be diligent and do routine skin care of your face. In addition it is important to note in regards to skin care that is a pattern of life that is healthy, drink plenty of water every day, exercising diligently, facial cleanse tajin and avoid cigarette smoke, dust, pollution, avoid stress, avoid staying out and eat a lot of food-mengadung fat. Thus infromasi care of nature about how to treat skin Naturally may be useful for you.

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