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How To Treat Sore Eyes With Natural Ingredients Follow well.

The eye is a very important senses and sensitive so the information how to treat sore eyes using natural ingredients is very important to know. Eye health must always be maintained because, with our eyes could see the beauty of the world and also content to read and learn any science. Sore eyes would be very disruptive all activities a day today, even to see just feels very sick.

How To Treat Sore Eyes
How To Treat Sore Eyes With Natural Ingredients
Sore eyes usually happen on a malfunctioning of the eye occurs on the inside of the eye and also the physical eye. Sore eyes can strike anyone and with a variety of causes. Sore eyes can be caused by infections, allergies, lack of fluids of the eye and cause the eyes become dry and feels very sore eyes. In addition a rare wink and also too long sits in front of a computer or a monitor, for too long the focus looked toward an object can also make dry eye and feels poignant.

Besides eye pain can also be caused due to lack of rest, immune system decline and lack of nutritional intake. And sore eyes can this epidemic and contagious way frequent eye contact with people suffering from sore eyes. How to prevent and treat sore eyes also vary depending on the cause.

Following the steps and how to treat a sore Eye with ingredients of your sore eyes Alamiagar not pose a larger problem again.

1. Compress with warm water
Compresses an unused eye pain and poignant by using warm water will menguarangi the pain on the eyes and also the swelling that occurs in the eye.

2. Do not rub the eyes
If your eyes itch and pain do not rub your eyes for an eye because it would harm by rubbing the eyes then bacteria or germs will get into your eyes and will add to the pain and itching in the eyes so sore in the eye is getting worse.

3. Betel leaf
Betel leaves contain substances that are good to heal sore eyes. How to treat eye with betel leaf is to boil a few pieces of betel leaf and then water decoction of the betel leaves used for compresses an unused eye pain. And do that way on a regular basis until the eye back healed.

4. Consumption of Carrots
Consuming carrots good for eye health because carrots are rich in beta carotene content of beta carotene which it is converted in the body into vitamin a. vitamin A is badly needed by the body primarily to run the function.

It's the last information regarding how to treat sore eyes With natural ingredients to prevent and treat eye diseases so that your eyes are itchy pain not getting worse. Always keep your eye health by consuming food that is nutritious, always keeping the immune system and maintain the cleanliness of your eyes.

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