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Set Up A Pattern Of Healthy Eating When It Underwent Fasting Follow well.

Even though you are undergoing fast, but kitchen set malang reserved the intake of nutrients to the body must be maintained properly. Nutrient intake and nutrition to the body, is very limited and the difference with the days usually i.e. a meal schedule for the fasting person is only at the time of Suhoor and Iftar as well. While, for the Division serves healthy eating when fasting is when Suhoor 40%, and at the time of breaking the fast 60%.

Calculation of the composition is 40% eating at the time of sahoor that divided back to 30% for a great meal and 10% for food intake as well as small white water as much as 3 cups. As for the composition of 60% when breaking the fast, the split also be appetizers after maghrib Athan (small meals just for fasting), after heavy meals and white water intake by as much as 5 glasses.

For more details, I will explain how to set up a pattern of healthy eating When Undergo Fasting. The following explanation is that you do not get confused:


At the time we did the feast Suhoor, we recommend that you fill the need of carbohydrates such as rice, bread, potatoes, or rice vermicelli. Do not forget also the intake of animal protein you can fill it with fish, chicken, eggs, and meat. Whereas to meet the vegetable protein intake can be filled with tofu or tempeh. To get enough energy through the routine tomorrow, can you add a side dish of food containing fat, but a reasonable course. Do not forget to present the milk and also white water. We recommend that you do not drink sweet tea or food that smells sweet at the time time of Suhoor. That is because the intake of food or drink which has a sweet taste, has a risk the next day would be easy hungry, the occurrence of hypoglycemia and can decrease blood sugar quickly. If the food that amis, has risks because of the stomach feels nauseous.


The time of breaking the fast You can consume foods that are sweet, it aims to replace the blood sugar levels are down due to fasting. Foods suitable for masis did not suppose, compote, fruit of the date palm, fruit cocktail, or sweet tea. But need dingat, limit the use of all types of sugar except sugar or sweet taste derived from the fruits. Because if excessive sugar levels are not good for health, and don't forget the white water consumption.

Full meal

After breaking the fast, eat foods containing carbs, protein, fatty substances substances agar body health can be maintained. Don't forget to eat vegetables and fruits, so that all the nutrients can be fulfilled properly.

Small meals

You can also consume small meals or snacks after implementing the tarawih prayers, to note is the snacks with the need to customize the body, such as milk, fruit or solid food. Avoid junk food consumption in excess because it can be harmful to the health of the body.

Most important is the intake of nutritious konsusmi and don't forget to always meet the white water intake each day. Hopefully with this article can keep your diet and still can do activities as usual although still fasting.

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